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  • Compassion
  • Commitment
  • Accountability

Real Stories From Real People

Krystal Benes – 2016 Graduate

Matt & Eliesha Cavanaugh – 2016 Graduate

Vanessa Ortiz, 2015 Graduate
Hello, my name is Vanessa Ortiz. I’m 34 years young and a 2015 exemplary graduate from the STEPS program. In a world filled with busyness, procrastination, emotional destruction and chaotic behavior, it’s easy to get lost or become unaware of the clarity our lives lack. I love the STEPS program simply because it took everyday life struggles that were affecting me mentally, physically, spiritually as well as financially and gave me actual steps or actions to apply towards my entire life. I went from walking in confusion, anger, feeling victimized and condemned to living a purpose-driven, take righteous-action lifestyle. If it wasn’t for the kind and loving people behind the STEPS program, who truly dedicate themselves towards coaching and serving others, my life’s passions, well-being, purpose, and relationships would be in peril. I’m truly thankful for STEPS!

Taylor Cissell – 2014 Graduate

Jessica Moreno – 2013 Graduate